About BELove app

Our intention behind every breath creates our reality. If we are breathing fear, scarcity rules the day. If we are breathing love, abundance expands without limit. Butterfly Effect Love (BELove) reminds us to take a deep breath every hour, sending loving intention across the planet with thousands of our fellow travelers. We invite you to join our Breathtaking Movement of Love.

The BELove app is designed to synchronize and habitualize a communal breath of loving intention. Across the planet millions of awakened souls are animated by consciousness. The BELove app is a first step in bringing all of us together in a simple, easy-to-use technologically-inspired gathering place. Think of this as a one-minute meditation of loving awareness at the top of every hour. Unlike unique events such a mass global meditation that happen for a few hours on a specific day/time, the app provides for this cosmic connection to happen as a steady, regular, heartbeat of loving intention 24/7 – 365 days a year.

-How it works: The BELove app prompts a top of the hour breath of loving intention. Each participant is encouraged to breathe in synchrony with the wings of the Morpho Butterfly accompanied by a 528Hz (frequency of Love) tone. At the end of the first minute Belovers are taken to the My View screen where they receive real-time statistics about how many people are breathing and where they are geo-located across the globe.

The statistics are broken down three ways:

1) Global feedback – by country, by number, and by percentage of participation.

2) Soul Pod feedback – each BELover can invite up to #100 BELovers into their personal Soul Pod. You’ll be able to track and breathe with your community at the top of every hour.

3) Passion Pod feedback – each user has the option of joining a predefined Passion Pod. This aligns the power of sacred attention on key areas of existential concern with the power of millions breathing with focused intention. BELovers have a choice of 5 Passion Pods. Passion Pods can be changed and may expand based on BELover feedback. Each Passion Pod has a corresponding FaceBook group where people can gather to share their vision, strategies, hopes and dreams for a better world.

-Why it matters:

Imagine a wave of loving intention as it progresses around the world at the top of every hour. Sociologists have determined it takes approximately 3.5% of a population to create a shift in consciousness for sweeping change to happen. As we become more continuously and collectively conscious in loving awareness, we are able to shift the frequency across the planet. Think of this breathtaking movement of Love as a re-boot on the human operating system that defaults to Love.

– The BELove Magic:

The Butterfly . . .

*We choose the butterfly as our mascot because it reflects the power of shift from one state of being to another.

*It also pulls a thread from Chaos Theory that is known as the “Butterfly Effect.”

*The Morpho Butterfly, in particular, because it’s beautiful blue color makes it stand out aesthetically as well as structurally. The Morpho blue is not a color pigment, it is a crystalline structure that reflects only the blue light waves from the full spectrum of light, much like a prism.

The tone. . .

The 528Hz tone aligns with the frequency of Love. It stands out in a crowd and creates an opportunity for up-leveling one’s environment on a consistent basis.

JOJI . . .

The Joy of Joining In = JOJI . . . Each BELover is assigned a sequential JOJI number when they download the app. Your JOJI number is a statement about your commitment to be part of the global shift. This relates to the 3.5% rule referred to above. JOJI also relates to the moment you hear the 528Hz tone in the company of another. Imagine what it will feel like to have a “JOJI moment” with someone you don’t know, in a public place. In that shared breath of loving intention we transcend all the ways we imagine we are separate (skin, gender, other) to find our oneness.

The Breath . . .

The air we breathe is a legacy breath from our ancestors and borrowed breath from the next generation. By transmuting fear into love, each breath of loving intention leaves the world better than we found it.

Thanks for showing up to experience the Joy of Joining In our Breathtaking Movement of Love!